Wealth Spells

magic spells that really work
The lack of money is the root of all evil.
— Mark Twain

Wealth Spells

Are you frustrated with living paycheck to paycheck? Tired of the everyday grind and looking to boost your bank accounts and live more comfortably? We have an answer for you! The Wealth Spells we offer create positive situations to bring you more wealth!

Spell to Increase Income

So many people go through life overworked and underpaid. If you feel like this describes you, let us help you with our amazing Increase Spell.

This spell will impact your long term income within just days of casting. Have investments that aren’t earning like you’d hoped? Watch them start paying out faster than you’ve ever thought possible! Desperate for a raise? A significant one will be offered soon after casting! Stuck and miserable in the same position at work? A new position, or even a better job opportunity, will be coming your way!

Spells for Quick Cash

A long term pay increase is great. But what if you need a big payout right away? If you can’t wait for that raise to kick in or that new job to start, we have a solution.

The Spell for Quick Cash is an almost instant magical gift to get you on your feet, help with that down payment, or give you some spending money if your funds are a little low.

We’ve had happy, relieved clients call to report earning, finding, or winning large sums within just days of ordering their spell!